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Tom Coufal

Red Hat
Principal Software Engineer
Czech Republic
Tom is a principal software engineer at Red Hat, working in open source for all his career. He joined Red Hat 8 years ago as an intern after freshman year of university. He has masters degree in Bioinformatics and Biocomputing.

During his time at Red Hat he had the opportunity to experience many different fields in software engineering. He started in QA and grew into DEV. He worked on projects as a backend engineer, in other projects he fit the frontend engineer role. He participated in platform (linux) projects, monolithic legacy applications, all the way to cloud-native microservices. Among other projects, he helped to transform manual testing of customer subscriptions into a fully automated Python framework, authored a self-service testing-like-a-customer portal. He co-maintained client libraries for various cloud providers in Ruby. He helped to design and create an analytics platform foundation for Ansible. He also worked on design and implementation of cloud-native big data processing across Red Hat. Now he focuses on defining managed services best practices and crowd-sourced community cloud management.

He's interested astronomy, cycling, martial arts, medieval reenactment and obscure sports like jugger and quidditch. Coffee lover.

Speaker at various conferences such as DevConf, Red Hat Summit, Red Hat Tech Exchange, The Linux Foundation webinars and now Kubecon EU.