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Tomas Kresal

Datasentics a.s.
Trust me I am Engineer
I started my professional career almost ten years ago as an SW engineer in company Seznam.cz. There I found a passion for leadership, big-data, machine learning, and opensource. Most of my time in Seznam, I was a part of the search engine, and I was lucky enough to become Head of Development of this excellent product with really great colleagues in my back. Today I am working with company Datasentics as a Data engineer and team leader. We are a machine learning and cloud data engineering boutique. With the group of the most talented people I ever met, I am using opensource technologies to solve the real problems of our customers with a positive impact on the lives of each of us. In my personal life, I am trying to be a great father as possible and obedient husband too. I am passionate about woodworking, 3D printing, IoT, and combining all these skills into creating something useful, especially for my children. My lifelong hobby is first aid and how to stay safe when meeting some danger

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, January 25

1:00pm CET