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Martin Maroši

Red Hat
Software Engineer
Czech Republic
The first piece of software that was used outside of school was a simple web application using PHP. At time I hated UI work. I though it was clunky dull and I absolutely hated JavaScript. As time went on and new technologies started to show up I started changing my mind. With the release of each new specification of JavaScript the language get better and better. I've progressed through creating applications in plain JavaScript, the old Angular and ember to React and i can't get enough of it. I've been creating user interfaces using React for almost five years now. Because I make a living as a front-end developer i constantly try to find some way how to make my work easier. I love to create systems which can help others to automate and simplify UI development.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, January 24

11:00am CET

Saturday, January 25

4:30pm CET