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Jan Žižka

Technical Lead
Czech Republic
I have started programming on 8048 microprocessors in assembly in 1980s. At high school I have implemented assembler and debugger for 8051 microprocessors which were used by high school classes and along that I was working on various industrial control systems and robotics. While at university in Espoo, Finland, I have implemented support for DSP56800 processors in binutils and I have implemented little loader and debugger for as well and used it while developing motor drives for robots. I have started at Nokia in 1999 with HW testing and I have for example developed SDRAM controller for 386 processor with an FPGA. Later I have moved to software and implemented various low level drivers for Telco, for ATM and TDM, mostly on Motorola PowerQUICC II processors and Cavium Octeon II. Since 2015 I'm working on cloud platforms for Telco applications, both, running in OpenStack and Kubernetes, and have been developing and maintaining guest Linux operating systems for cloud products in Nokia.